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Reflective Collar Tagging Drive

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

We are delighted to announce the grand success of Phase-I of our Reflective Collar Tagging Campaign performed on 20th September 2020. We have tagged a total of 50 strays of which 20 collars were tagged on cattle and 30 collars on dogs in Bongaigaon area covering Chapaguri Road to Shahid Bedi. The campaign was gladly assisted by #marwariyuvamanchbongaigaon. We will continue to organize the campaign in a Phase-wise manner till we have completely tagged all of our stray companions.

Large number of animals die on streets everyday after sunset due to lack of visibility leading to road mishaps. Keeping a stray off the road is not an easy task as they are homeless and are always in search of food and shelter. Reflective collars not only avert accidents of these strays but also give them an identity, reducing their chances of abuse by humans. Reflective collars glow when light falls on them, thereby alerting the driver to the presence of a stray animal from a distance of approximately 50 metres and hence can save strays from any kind of mishaps. Also, safety is a priority, but these collars also give a sassy look to our furry friends.

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