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"Food, water and shelter" - these are the three basic requirements to keep ourselves alive. And every living being has a basic right to these requirements. Marie, a little pup, approximately 6 months of age, was looking for shelter one rainy night when the owner of the house where Marie entered hit her with a bamboo stick and broke her leg ONLY for entering the premises. Helpless Marie did not even understand why the person hit her for no fault of hers. Dragging her broken leg, she hid herself in the verandah of Ashish, a kind-hearted man who gave Marie some food and shelter for the night. Ashish immediately contacted Action For Animals and our team reached to attend Marie the next morning. After consulting the vet we came to know that Marie's leg was completely broken and she would need an implant pin to hold the broken pieces of her leg to be able to walk again. We did not lose time and took Marie to Khanapara Vet Centre in Guwahati where Marie was given a new pin and a plaster to hold the broken leg parts. Marie has been dewormed and is safe now with Nadeem, the President of AFA, fostering her for medical care, but we need to bring Marie to our shelter for her long term treatment. Please donate for little lives like Marie so that we can give them a livable life. Kindly donate to the following account or through Paytm. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation Account No-30226621054 Bank Name- State Bank of India IFSC Code- SBIN0007171 Name- Barnali Narzary UPID-9678045287@Paytm

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