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Lockdown puppies

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

A few days back, one of our members spotted 5-6 puppies on the road very early in the morning, in what we can describe as ‘literally the middle of nowhere’, few meters away from her residence. She waited with the puppies for a while and found a mumma dog looking for her babies. The puppies were probably dumped by somebody on the road deliberately. People are prejudiced when it comes to dog breed. If it is a pedigree puppy, the rate of adoption is 10 times higher than the Indian puppy, and if it is a full-grown stray, the chances reduce by 90%. We urge you to STOP DISCRIMINATING ON THE BASIS OF BREED! 2020 has been tough for everybody and a lot of people have been affected financially and cannot manage the expenses that come with a pedigree, but the ones who have indies do not have to give up on them. Indies are a lot stronger and are low maintenance. We are open for adoption booking for these fur-balls who will be ready to leave for their forever home in few months. Meanwhile, please donate for their food and medical bills and send them good health and well-being. Reach out to us @8486590638.

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