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Little Pahi

Little Pahi arrived into this world just a few days back and she already encountered a painful experience. Pahi was out into the fields grazing where she wandered off into the streets and a rash motorcyclist drove by crashing her right hind leg. Her owner called Action For Animals as she did not know what to do with her hanging leg. We immediately responded to her call and took Pahi to Bongaigaon Veterinary Hospital where her leg was plastered and necessary medicines had been given. She was later handed over to the owner. Action For Animals is a Non-Profit-Organization giving hope and life to the voiceless. If you happen to come across any animal in distress, please call us at 8011369668/ 9678045287/ 8486590638. Please donate and support us so that we can continue our rescue operations for our 4-legged friends. Help us help the voiceless! Help us lend our voice to the voiceless!

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