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Hulk's Rescue Story

Every animal deserves a place to call a Home and a better chance to be loved which is not too much to ask for. And with #ActionForAnimals, hope and love is always on the way! This video is the rescue story of a handsome bull who we named Hulk. Bulls are often abandoned as calves and are doomed to wander the streets and find food wherever they can. When that leads to unwelcome grazing in private fields, some farmers attack them. That’s what happened to Hulk. His leg was cut with such cruelty that it barely stayed hanging with the skin. Hulk’s leg was rotting to such an extent with maggot infection that we had to urgently amputate his wounded leg. With immense support from Mr. Harry Singh, who covered all the expenses for Hulk’s rescue, we could transport Hulk to our shelter where he remained aloof and confused with pain for long. After he regained his strength, Hulk is now spreading love in our shelter as he knows what being unloved can feel like! We thank Harry Singh from the bottom of our heart for supporting this cause and urge you to support and help us to educate the public on the importance of animal welfare in our society and in spreading more love towards the voiceless.

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