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Gratitude post!

In India, where the condition of people living on the streets is so horrifying, the condition of stray animals is very unlikely to be on the government’s list of priorities. So it becomes all the more important for us people to address this issue. The plight of stray animals, especially dogs, is a horrible thing to witness. The problem is not just in rural areas. Our cities and towns are severely affected. In cities and towns the streets are littered with stray dogs. They are at every roadside. Besides starvation and dehydration, they are also the victims of human cruelty. Walking in the city, you may pass a dog that is apparently sleeping on the pavement, but soon you will notice that it’s dead. These poor creatures have an equal right to live a good life as we do. So do your part and make their lives less miserable! We would like to thank Ms. Sara Basumatary, Mr. Sankarshan Debnath , Mr. Richard Mochahary and Mr. Abhishek Sinha for their generous contributions towards our mission to provide these innocent animals a better and dignified life. || Please Donate. Save a Life ||

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