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Dhunu, the goat with a punctured stomach.

Dhunu is a male goat of approximately 6-8 months. We found him roaming on the streets of Kokrajhar town. At first glance he looked perfectly alright, but on a closer look we found out that he has a puncture in his stomach area from where the reduced food particles were spilling out. Locals told us that Dhunu was bitten by a street dog. We couldn't find the owner so we had to bring Dhunu to Bongaigaon veterinary centre where the vet confirmed that it is indeed a bite puncture. Dhunu's owner had provided treatment but due to unskilled suturing, the rumen (one of the chambers of remnant stomach) was stitched to the skin and there still existed a big hole (approx. 2 cm) in Dhunu's stomach. We had to perform immediate surgery giving Dhunu 3 layers of long stitches. The surgery went on for around an hour as the skin to which the rumen was sutured had hardened and needed to be cut out. Even after sedation, unconscious Dhunu cried out in excruciating pain and it was one of the most painful experiences we have had. After a successful surgery by Bongaigaon veterinary centre, Dhunu is now being fostered by the youngest member of our NGO, Ms. Kalyani Mandal.

Thanks to your help, Dhunu is recovering and is in good hands. Please keep donating for little angels like Dhunu who deserve to live a happy life.

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