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Adria’s happy transformation!

Since the day we started rescuing animals, we have been receiving immense support from animal lovers who went out of their way to help the animals in distress. One such incident is of Adria. Adria met with an accident and was lying on the street, unattended and helpless, ignorant passersby not even having a glance at her. A kind animal lover, Rupam Sen, noticed Adria and informed AFA immediately. He then carried Adria to his house and gave her a warm shelter till AFA arrived to take her to the vet. Her legs were injured badly and even after the treatment she would drag both her hindlegs. But with constant encouragement and lots of love Adria can walk again confidently. She has been adopted now by Rupam Sen. We thank all of you animal lovers for giving them their much deserving second chance to live again in this beautiful world. People like you remind us everyday that Humanity still exists and we can co-exist with Mother Nature and all of her Creations!

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